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Nor could she blame her ravaged morning face on T. The "Heavenly Man" Tetragrammaton who is the Protogonos, Tikkoun, the firstborn from the passive deity and the first manifestation of that deity's shadow, is the universal form and idea, which engenders the manifested Logos, Adam Kadmon, or the four-lettered symbol, in the Kabala, of the Universe itself, also called the second Logos. This may be seen by comparing the two in any Hindu calendar of recognised orthodoxy. R The Butterflies and Moths of Berkshire Burgess, C.

VI, par. It produced heaven, It produced earth 1.

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Instances of both these names are found in Bk. VI, parr. Different views are stated. II, par.

What was that extreme point? This is the extreme point,—the utmost limit to which nothing can be added. The most condensed expression of it is given in Bk. It was in this state that there arose the first existence; the first existence, but still without bodily shape. From this things could be produced, receiving what we call their several characters. That which had no bodily shape was divided, and then without intermission there was what we call the process of conferring.

The two processes continued to operate, and things were produced. As they were completed, there appeared the distinguishing lines of each, which we call the bodily shape. That shape was the body preserving in it the spirit, and each had its peculiar manifestation which we call its nature. It was an evolution and not a creation. We have seen that it is nothing material 1.

It acted spontaneously of itself. Its sudden appearance in the field of non-existence, Producer, Transformer, Beautifier, surpasses my comprehension. I am compelled to accept the existence of God, as the ultimate Fact, bowing before it with reverence, and not attempting to explain it, the one mystery, the sole mystery of the universe. The concluding sentence of ch.

Quiet acquiescence in what happens at its proper time, and quietly submitting to its sequence , afford no occasion for grief or for joy. The ancients described death as the loosening of the cord on which God suspended the life. What we can point to are the faggots that have been consumed; but the fire is transmitted elsewhere, and we know not that it is over and ended. When you go on to drum on the vessel and sing, is it not an excessive and strange demonstration? When she first died, was it possible for me to be singular, and not affected by the event? But I reflected on the commencement of her being, when she had not yet been born to life.

Not only had she no life, but she had no bodily form. Not only had she no bodily form, but she had no breath. Suddenly in this chaotic condition there ensued a change, and there was breath; another change, and there was the bodily form; a further change, and she was born to life; a change now again, and she is dead.

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The relation between those changes is like the procession of the four seasons,—spring, autumn, winter, and summer. There she lies with her face up, sleeping in the Great Chamber 1 ; and if I were to fall sobbing and going on to wail for her, I should think I did not understand what was appointed for all. I therefore restrained myself. Why should I dread it? Life is a borrowed thing. The living frame thus borrowed is but so much dust. Life and death are like day and night.

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I will adduce only one more passage of K wang. Its essence is surrounded with the deepest obscurity; its highest reach is in darkness and silence. There is nothing to be seen, nothing to be heard. When it holds the spirit in its arms in stillness, then the bodily form will of itself become correct. You must be still, you must be pure; not subjecting your body to toil, not agitating your vital force:—then you may live for long. When your eyes see nothing, your ears hear nothing, and your mind knows nothing, your spirit will keep your body, and the body will live long.

Watch over what is within you; shut up the avenues that connect you with what is external;—much knowledge is pernicious. I will proceed with you to the summit of the Grand Brilliance, where we come to the bright and expanding element ; I will enter with you the gate of the dark and depressing element.

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There heaven and earth have their Controllers; there the Yin and Yang have their Repositories. Watch over and keep your body, and all things will of themselves give it vigour. I maintain the original unity of these elements. In this way I have cultivated myself for years, and my bodily form knows no decay.

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The rhinoceros finds no place in him into which to thrust its horn, nor the tiger a place in which to fix its claws, nor the weapon a place to admit its point. And for what reason? Because there is in him no place of death. Poisonous Edition: current; Page: [ 26 ] insects will not sting him; fierce beasts will not seize him; birds of prey will not strike him. All things under heaven sprang from it as existing and named ; that existence sprang from it as non-existent and not named.

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The Methuselah Society (The Bamboo Viper Book 4) - Kindle edition by James Butler. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets​. In this adult novel, Lester Johnson, The Bamboo Viper, is flown deep into the Cajun country of Louisiana after being shot by one of the members of the Second​.

Superiors were but as the higher branches of a tree; and the people were like the deer of the wild. They were upright and correct, without knowing that to be so was Righteousness; they loved one another, without knowing that to do so was Benevolence; they were honest and leal-hearted, without knowing that it was Loyalty; they fulfilled their engagements, without knowing that to do so was Good Faith; in their movements they employed the services of one another, without thinking that they were conferring or receiving any gift.

Therefore their actions left no trace, and there was no record of their affairs. They thought their simple food pleasant, and their plain clothing beautiful. They were happy in their simple manners, and felt at rest in their poor dwellings. The people of neighbouring states might be able to descry one another; the voices of their cocks and dogs might be heard from one to the other; they might not die till they were old; and yet all their life they would have no communication together.


In those times perfect good order prevailed. One other description of the primeval state is still more interesting. It is in the second paragraph of Bk. This was their common faculty. They were all one in this, and did not form themselves into separate classes; so were they constituted and left to their natural tendencies.

Therefore in the age of Perfect Virtue men walked along with slow and grave step, and with their Edition: current; Page: [ 28 ] looks steadily directed forwards. On the hills there were no footpaths nor excavated passages; on the lakes there were no boats nor dams. All creatures lived in companies, and their places of settlement were made near to one another.

Birds and beasts multiplied to flocks and herds; the grass and trees grew luxuriant and long. The birds and beasts might be led about without feeling the constraint; the nest of the magpie might be climbed to, and peeped into. Yes, in the age of Perfect Virtue, men lived in common with birds and beasts, and were on terms of equality with all creatures, as forming one family;—how could they know among themselves the distinctions of superior men and small men?

Equally without knowledge, they did not leave the path of their natural virtue; equally free from desires, they were in the state of pure simplicity. In that pure simplicity, their nature was what it ought to be. If ever their ancestors had been in a ruder or savage condition, it must have been at a much antecedent time.

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These had long passed out of such a state; they were tillers of the ground, and acquainted with the use of the loom. They lived in happy relations with one another, and in kindly harmony with the tribes of inferior creatures. But there is not the slightest allusion to any sentiment of piety as animating them individually, or to any ceremony of religion as observed by them in common.