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Pop – Power – Positions: 3rd IASPM D-A-CH Conference, Bern 2018
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Power pop and big fat hooks: Size is the latest LP from SMLXL

The chief influences behind power pop were 1 classic American rock 'n' roll as exemplified by Buddy Holly and the Crickets, Eddie Cochran, and the Everly Brothers; 2 the British Invasion bands from the period, particularly the Beatles; and 3 the more melodic offerings of seminal heavy metal groups such as Black Sabbath and Deep Purple. Virtuosity is never a desirable end here; rather, the goal is tight, tuneful ensemble playing where the whole equals something far greater than the separate parts.

The style originated during the early days of progressive rock and heavy metal primarily as a nostalgic throw-back to the lighter pop sounds of the Beatles, the Kinks, and other mids hit- making bands. I have wonderful news for you all: you can stop arguing about what bands are power pop and what bands aren't, because there is no such thing!! It's that simple! It's a sound, a very recognizable one, that can be heard in any classic power pop song. But nobody - not the Who, the Beatles, the Raspberries, Badfinger, or anyone else you want to label as a "power pop band" - played that way on every song.

Not even close! Every band mentioned in this article has made plenty of songs that are in no way power pop: they all stretch their wings to make ballads, bluesy rock, whatever.

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Songs are power pop, not bands: if a band played exclusively power pop, they would be very tiresome indeed. Hercules-- While the Cars had a mix of styles, they're widely recognized as being in the power pop family. Agreed that they're not the platonic ideal of the genre, but the Cars are power pop, they're new wave, and they're a few other things besides.

Artist interviews are not acceptable for references. Lemmy claims that Motorhead are not a heavy metal band in every interview he does. But they are. The Cars arent in the power pop genre, did they use power pop? So why are the Cars even mentioned in the power pop article?

Seriously, what is up with people insisting on putting "MMMBop" on this list?

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Their songs speak up against social injustice, homophobia and restrictions of freedom of expression — globally relevant topics that are simultaneously specific to their local socio-political situation. Her breakout Camo EP , released in , delivered a similar attitude, like the nostalgic bubblegum version of Sleigh Bells. Below we present the conference highlights as well as all the contributions by Norient authors. Positions — How do structures of power and distribution limit the access to the produc-tion and reception of popular music? Neither was a top 20 hit but they are still played to this day. You can not make the complete British Invasion of the sixties a Powerpop thing.

Someone finally offered some references The first one has this line: "Jackson Five voices offset by slick power-pop guitars and the sharp hip-hop production care of the Dust Brothers. Is this also one of the most notable hip-hop singles of all time because it uses the word "hip-hop"? The next two don't even mention "power pop" in reference to "MMMBop"; they describe more recent Hanson records with the term. I must concede I have no way to read the offline reference.

I don't want to create another edit war, but can anyone give me any argument or source to suggest that "MMMBop" is more notable in power-pop than anything by, say, the Bay City Rollers, the Bangles, Marshall Crenshaw, or the Smithereens? Artists who aren't represented on the notable singles list at all? It's hard to give a reference for a negative, but I think I've laid out a good case that this song doesn't belong in this article.

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Brettalan talk , 18 January UTC. I've edited the page in accordance with Brettalan's observations. Also added a couple more songs, which are certainly up for discussion.

Position of Power: P.O.P

I'm unsatisfied about the disproportionate cluster of tracks from I would like to settle on a few examples from the past 15 years, if we can find a way to do that without turning it into just another deletable faves list. Thoughts on "Just The Girl" being on the notable singles list? The poster raises objections to the Weezer song; to my ears that fits better, but I wouldn't and didn't put it on my list of the top singles in the genre, so I wouldn't object to it going. Better yet, cites for either being among the most important power pop songs?

Brettalan talk , 28 February UTC. Sorry this is so long I suggested this over a year ago and I'll say it again, I propose removing the list entirely because it lacks verifiability and neutral POV. These types of lists only serve as a magnet for editors who have nothing of substance to contribute but merely want to advance their own POV by trying to shoehorn a name or song into an existing article or section where it doesn't belong.

Piriczki talk , 3 March UTC. Per the above discussion, I've begun adding references for the songs on the notable singles list.

Pop–Power–Positions. 3. IASPM D-A-CH Tagung

Stream Position of Power (P.O.P.) by JJayMusic from desktop or your mobile device. März POP – POWER – POSITIONS. Global Relations and Popular Music / Globale Beziehungen und populäre Musik Bern (Switzerland),

I will add more, but of course it would be good if other people contributed. The goal is to have at least two good sources for every item, and then to put up a note saying that nothing should be added without two good sources. Comments welcome, of course. Brettalan talk , 20 March UTC. Operators Manual: Buzzcocks Best [I.

paynadonecsuns.cf Pete Shelley's wry, acrid, eager, inside-out romanticism connected with every kind of near-adult, and why not? That's Christgau, who does know what he's talking about. But I suppose inventing the damn genre is different than making it popular—like punk and the Ramones, or rap and the Sugar Hill Gang.

But to exclude them from the discussion altogether is like excluding, ok, like excluding King Crimson from prog rock. Superastig talk , 5 February UTC. Anyone who thinks one of the first great rock as opposed to rock and roll songs has any connection whatsoever to power pop should be writing about polka music. And it moved in the opposite direction of pop songs, which are naturally tight and upbeat.

Forehand Lesson: The Elbow Power Pop

The article gets it right in the the source of all power pop was the Beatles. Short, to the point, melodic, moderate to up tempo, pop subject - mostly romance - in a guitar based band. No blues base allowed - all major key harmonies. I Can See For Miles was a sonic sledgehammer, not a bouncy tune with a rhythm guitar kick.

Take it from me - I remember it when it was released. It was a great song because it wasn't pop. Before this turns into an edit war--as I said when I reverted, if we're going to get rid of this list, let's discuss it first. This list has been developed over time and we've eliminated anything without sources. Articles are supposed to be self-contained; that is, just because information exists elsewhere on Wikipedia doesn't necessarily mean that it doesn't belong in an article.

That doesn't mean that there might not be good reasons to eliminate the list, and there have been objections to it before. Let's just discuss it first.

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If there's some degree of consensus to remove, I won't stand in the way. There's also the question of what can be done to improve THAT list. It includes things such as Katy Perry and One Direction which obviously are not power-pop records. But someone found an article which uses the term.

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This is actually discussed in this article, that the term is often misused. Honestly, my thought is to get rid of THAT list, which seems to me to be arbitrary and useless, not to mention that the first half just seems to be an alternate version of Category:Power pop groups. Again, though, the key thing is, let's discuss it and try to reach some kind of consensus, no? Brettalan talk , 27 July UTC. I have just added archive links to one external link on Power pop. Please take a moment to review my edit. I made the following changes:. As of February , "External links modified" talk page sections are no longer generated or monitored by InternetArchiveBot.

No special action is required regarding these talk page notices, other than regular verification using the archive tool instructions below.