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The talented, blonde, blue-eyed Dutch brothers, Lucas and Arthur, are a fresh byword for double-piano fare, and their presentation of the charming K. Guest conductor Gabriel Bebeselea presents the Asian premiere of the Pastorale by his great Romanian compatriot, Enescu. Concerts for Children: Emily Saves the Orchestra.

A clever year-old needs the audience to help outsmart the horrible monster, Cacopholous, who is scheming to silence music forever. In this mesmerising children's concert, drama, dance, dazzling masks and costumes are woven together with orchestral music in a story about bravery and hope. A fascinating programme of inspiration, hope, respite and consolation.

Join us to celebrate the wonderful young musicians of Singapore. On Sunday 8 December you could be in the audience to watch the heavyweights of the Artist category vying for the top prize. Rosin will fly! Powerful murmurs in the Force, I sense. Music, great music is coming! Its energy surrounds us and binds us. Luminous beings are we, not crude matter. Join us in this concert, you must. Yes, hrrrm! The concert ends with the titanic Op. The three world-class pianists who make up our adjudicator panel this year will each be leading a masterclass with participants from the competition.

Join them on the morning of Saturday 7 December at the Victoria Concert Hall Dance Studio to watch them fine-tune the playing of one of our brilliant competitors. Written for the phenomenal Martin Grubinger, The Tears of Nature is a percussion concerto by prominent contemporary Chinese composer Tan Dun, celebrating the human spirit in its endeavour to live, fight and dance with nature.

Our three world-renowned judges will each be leading a masterclass with participants from the competition. Join them on the morning of Saturday 7 December at the Victoria Concert Hall Music Studio to see them in action and discover how to fine-tune your playing. Not one but two concertos fill this musical itinerary starring popular Singapore-based cellist Qin Li-Wei - and in each trip, paired with a partner.

In the eccentric escapades of Don Quixote, the cello hero is accompanied by his sidekick on viola. Distinguished conductor Yu Long directs this oriental odyssey. Join them in this programme of heartfelt opera arias, contrastingly paired with Chinese songs of nostalgia and longing for home. VCHpresents Excite! You asked for him, so here comes the sun. Danish conductor Thomas Dausgaard leads us in this concert starring acclaimed Chinese pianist Zhang Haochen, one of the youngest winners of the prestigious Van Cliburn Competition.

A new series, a new perspective.

Moonrise (Warriors: The New Prophecy Series #2)

Intimate Moments with the SSO is a chamber-scale opportunity for you to watch, listen and converse with a select musician of the Singapore Symphony family. Allegro molto, IV. Scherzo, IV. Concerts for Children: Journey Around the World. As the audience, you will explore soundscapes of music from across the globe.

Bruce Barnbaum: Cicurlar Chimney, Antelope Canyon, 1980

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Who knows what will come first! This interactive show celebrates the beauty of cultural diversity, uniting people through the language of music. Get into the mood for Christmas with Associate Conductor Joshua Tan and the SSO as they bring you glittering musical treasures for the yuletide season, complete with the ever-popular carol sing-a-long!

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Lynnette and Gulnara, two familiar faces of the SSO, come together in this enchanting evening of French musical poetry. The latter tells the story of a talented yet hapless composer who finds his own musical style with the help of a mouse. A fun introduction to classical music combining film and original music for organ and piano, performed live by the Scott Brothers Duo.

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His character is wonderfully conceived and drawn. The majority of the cast, including Bruce Willis and Edward Norton, had not worked with this director before. His mind boggling detailed overview and demands for authenticity are well known, and the movie and the acting performances are all the better for it. It has rolling fields, craggy ravines, points of elevation, forests, beaches and rocky coves. The filmmakers also wanted the physical production to be focused without big trucks, and no actor or filmmaker had trailers.

The actors staying in hotels nearby were encouraged to arrive camera-ready. This required that they don their costumes each day before coming to the set, already arriving in character. The aptly named Prudence Island, in Narragansett Bay, provided probably the most unique location for the production.

Clare Bowditch - One Little River

It did not have any infrastructure, just one tiny little store at which to buy things. The crew had to get local environmental clearance to set foot on some of the exquisite pebble beaches, and charter a ferry boat to get crew members on-site. All of this was as hoped-for; Anderson wanted cast and crew to have as communal an experience as possible in filming the story.

He also noted that another factor bringing the cast and crew closer together was their collective make-believe effort; whether they were alive in or not, each member of the unit had to work together to help the actors slip into their characters. It is all about the innocence and freshness of the world they are inhabiting, helping them to get into the mood of the piece.

This is one of the examples of an approach that today serious Directors need to take when getting into the ambiance of the piece they are filming. Those that do, like Wes Anderson, not only give an authentic feel to the time and place, but also help their actors get to the essence of the characters they are playing in order that they can relate what they are experiencing emotionally themselves to the audiences. The actors reported they were all entirely captivated by the story immediately.

A New Hampshire company, Tentsmiths who specialize in fabricating historical reenactment tents were brought on board. Everyone at Tentsmiths really got into it, and the tents they made for us looked fantastic! The crew proved inventive and resourceful, making camp signs out of sticks and logs tied together. Another artist made all the stick furniture inside that tent — all matching out of chicory, an entire suite! For the interiors of the houses they finally had to build a purpose built set which was based on the interiors of houses they inspected that while perfect for setting the scene were just too difficult to film within.

The children Jared Gilman and Kara Hayward won Wes Anderson over at different junctures of what was an extensive casting process. Suzy Bishop is misunderstood at home; she is among three little brothers, a father with issues, and a mother who is having an affair. He meets Suzy at a church pageant and, over a year, they create a plan to run away together.

Anderson wanted them both to explore their characters, to feel comfortable in their skins, and to understand who they were and why Suzy and Sam would do what they do. So, he assigned the kids some homework including banning them from using technology and emailing making them write by hand their letters to each other instead, as would have been authentic at the time. Once they abandoned electronic transmission for old-fashioned epistles, they embraced the task wholeheartedly. It was great fun, a real joy, to be part of this movie. There is such a playfulness in it because there is absolute structure.

The community is a richly realized place populated by rounded and complex denizens. His is not just a talented mind; it is an organized and kind one.

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