Fab Five for Trigonometry Level Fifteen: Modeling Simple Harmonic Motion

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They need to have a knowledge of period, amplitude, vertical and phase shifts for the sine wave. The essential question students are asked to answer is "Can you mathematically predic. Graphing , Trigonometry. Energy Science Vocabulary Cards. This packet contains science vocabulary cards with definitions and pictures to support all students in authentic learning. The cards are approximately 5"x4".

Words Included: absorb accelerate amplitude attract battery bulb base bulb casing circuit closed circuit code coil collide collision c. Word Walls , Printables. Be sure to check it out because you may want the whole set at a discounted price! The game includes 16 separate matching puzzle piece sets that ca. Flash Cards , Games , Science Centers.

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Energy Science Vocabulary Cards Large. The cards are approximately 7. Words Included: absorb accelerate amplitude attract battery bulb base bulb casing circuit closed circuit code coil collide collision. Math Meets Music. This set of guided notes is a fun way to teach your students the musical applications of transformations of sinusoidal functions. First, your students will locate an app on GeoGebra to both see and hear the difference in the note as its frequency and thus period and amplitude change.

They will r.

https://senjouin-kikishiro.com/images/bemekyd/3255.php Applied Math , Graphing , Trigonometry. Graphing and writing trigonometry equations of various Ferris Wheels. Explore graphing Sine functions using the real-life context of a Ferris Wheel. There are a total of six Ferris Wheels that allow students to get a feel for the cyclic Sine wave and writing equations to match the scenario.

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There is a seventh Ferris Wheel that I use as a quiz. An answer key is availab. Math , Graphing , Trigonometry. Activities , Handouts , Cooperative Learning. Sin x Transformations Foldable with graphs and descriptions. It does not cover the debate over calculating phase shifts and stays with a simple model intended for Math Models classes.

Graphic Organizers. Wave Foldables: Longitudinal Compressional and Transverse. Are you looking for ways to improve your interactive notebooks in physics? Reinforce the characteristics of transverse and compressional waves with this hands-on manipulative.

The 8 petal foldables help students keep the characteristics straight. You get a printed version of each foldable and a b. Fun Stuff , Printables , Cooperative Learning. This is. Geometry , PreCalculus , Trigonometry. On the worksheet, there is basic template for a sine and cosine function, labels for all of the pieces, and important formulas to know.

The students have to fill in some of the information themselves. Math , Trigonometry , Algebra 2.

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Handouts , Graphic Organizers. Wave Modeling wave interference. This sheet allows students to draw connections from math class using the sine function to model sound waves and the interference of sound waves.

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If I have time, I'll ramble about trigonometry on these surfaces. We'll discuss quantum chaos from a mathematician's point of view. The proof of the if part is elementary and can be easily understood though somehow tricky.

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The proof of the only if part will have to use the Artin-Wedderburn theory. If time allows, I will also talk about the generalizations of these proofs to vertex algebra joint with Huang.

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Warning: May involve applied math! Abstract: There has been a lot of buzz over the last few decades about so-called 'geometric flows' and their properties and applications, especially after Ricci flow was used to prove the Poincare conjecture. While I know better than to try to introduce Ricci flow in a Pizza Seminar, curve shortening flow is a simpler geometric flow that can hopefully be covered in such a seminar. I'll introduce the flow and walk through some of the standard operations that are done with other geometric flows to give a flavor of the area. I'll also use this flow to get a proof of the isoperimetric inequality.

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Simply cut the triangle a couple of times and then reassemble those pieces to make a rectangle. Then how about the 3-dimensional version of a triangle, namely a tetrahedron? My question is, is there an elementary way to verify this formula, especially without using integrals? Abstract: Since so many people have asked me about this, I've decided to give a basic talk. The prerequisite, "What the heck is Morse cohomology? A natural thing that you might do is pour chocolate sauce on it, and see where the sauce forms pools and saddle points. Floer cohomology is similar to this, but now you suppose that the chocolate is delicious hot fudge, and can form bubbles in the ambient manifold.

These bubbles form an obstruction to displacement by "area preserving diffeomorphism" or if you like, displacement from your couch after your ice-cream sundae. A given Turing Machine may or may not halt stop running on a given input. This leads to the following question: Which n-state Turing Machines that halt use the most memory, and how much memory do they use?

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This problem known as the Busy Beaver Problem, turns out to be undecidable, and the corresponding function of n the Busy Beaver Function is not computable. In this talk, we will prove the noncomputability of the Busy Beaver Function, and then, in spite of this, we will attempt to compute some of its values.

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As an introduction to accounting, I will discuss the four basic accounting statements and how they are created using double entry bookkeeping. I will highlight the ambiguities in accounting standards and the leeway this gives companies in how they account for their operations. I will also present real-world examples of how this can be used for fraudulent purposes.

If time permits, and if I have sufficient prompting, I may go on a rant about investment banks and how awful they are. Also, there will be nothing about combinatorics. Abstract: It is widely believed that different numbers typically have different values but not only will I prove that many numbers are the same, but also that all triangles are equilateral, horses are all the same color, and you can color a map with at most 4 colors. I also hope to provide many conjectures that are almost assuredly true based on huge amounts of empirical evidence. Audience participation will be appealed for!

Two very common examples are the precession of Mercury and the functioning of GPS. In this talk I'd like to give an elementary introduction to General Relativity and then apply it to show how GPS works. Einstein himself considered this as one of the three most important tests of the validity of his theory, so we'd better not fail it. And even though all this may sound like a physics talk, don't worry, it's also math. There's even differential geometry and stuff. No prerequisite required. While some popular depictions may do a decent job, from a logical perspective many more are fraught with problems, often because they rely on some version of the premise that changing the past is possible.

But just because we can't change the past doesn't mean that we can't travel to it, have an impact on it, and maybe even have a nice chat with our younger selves. In this talk we'll take a trip with Tim the Time Traveler to explore whether or not we can do better than Hollywood. Along the way we will likely encounter many banana-peels, disappearing cats, and other oddities, and to see where we end up you'll just have to hop along for the ride. Time no pun intended permitting, we may even talk about more math-y things like relativity, and how they could potentially accommodate some apparent paradoxes we may encounter on our trip.

Date: February 24 Speaker: Corrine Yap Time: PM Place: Graduate Student Lounge, 7th Floor, Hill Center Title: Origametry Abstract: The art of paper-folding extends far beyond paper cranes; indeed, working with "infinite" paper allows us to analyze crease patterns as line configurations and gives us tools to tackle classical geometric constructions.