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Returned victorious! Can my lips pronounce the impious word! And behind his chariot a King—my father—bound with chains! Interior of the temple of Vulcan at Memphis. A mysterious light shining from above.

I Tatti Studies in the Italian Renaissance

A long row of columns, one behind the other, vanishing in the distance. In the middle of the stage, above a platform Edition: current; Page: [ [29] ] carpeted with rich stuffs, rises the altar surmounted by the sacred emblems. Priests and Priestesses. Mortal, beloved of the gods, to thee is confided the destiny of Egypt. The sacred sword, divinely tempered, is placed in thy hands, to bring upon the enemy terror and ruin and death. A hall in the apartments of Amneris. Seeing her again, the dreadful doubt awakens in my heart! Be sure that I divide with thee the sorrow that weighs down thy heart.

I am thy friend—ask what thou wilt of me, I would make thee happy! How can I be happy, far from my native land and ignorant of the fate of my father and brothers! I feel with thee deeply; and yet there is a limit to all sorrow here below. Time will cure the anguish of thy heart. And there is a powerful God, greater than time—Love. Bursting forth with rage.

Away with seeming! A little word and I shall know the truth. Look on my face—I told thee falsely—Rhadames lives. Kneeling in ecstasy. Dost thou hope still to deceive me! Yes, thou lovest him—but I love him with the utmost Edition: current; Page: [ [47] ] fury —even I—dost thou hear me?

Thy rival is a daughter of the Pharaohs! Drawing herself up with pride. Entrance gate to the city of Thebes.

The Mystery in Italy

You can download and read online Donna Folgore (Italian Edition) file PDF Book only if you are registered here. And also you can download or read online all. Read Donna Folgore book reviews & author details and more at Free delivery on Donna Folgore (Italian) Paperback – Import, 19 Jul

Descends from the throne to embrace Rhadames. Saviour of thy country, I salute thee. Come, and my daughter, with her own hand, shall give thee the crown of triumph. To Rhadames.


Ask what thou wilt and freely will I grant it. Naught shall be denied thee on such a day as this. I swear it by my crown and by the holy gods. Amonasro last, in the dress of simple officer. Embracing her father. To Amonasro. To the King. O King, by the holy gods and by the splendor of thy crown, thou didst swear to give me whatever I might ask. Even so: I pray that thou grant life and liberty to these Ethiopian captives. Set all the others free. I yield to thy advice. Yet now a surer bond of peace and safety will I give you.

Rhadames, thy Edition: current; Page: [ [67] ] country owes thee all. The hand of Amneris, my daughter, shall be thy reward. Sovereign of Egypt shalt thou reign with her hereafter. The banks of the Nile—Granite hills covered with palm trees. To Amneris.

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Yet thou, ere on their errand these proceed, If Love consent, I pray recall and cite My spirits all astray dispersed in flight, That so my songs be bold to sue and plead, Then, hast thou sight of ladies' loveliness, Thither accede, for I would harm thee there, And audience with humility entreat; And charge my envoys, kneeling at their feet, Their Lord and his desirings to declare: Hear them, sweet Ladies, for their humbleness. Croce , 1st edn La letteratura della nuova Italia , vol. Francesco Barberino, a notary, wrote both in prose and verse on the bringing-up of girls, and although he is an indifferent writer his work is valuable as a picture of manners. See examples translated by cheated on 5 examples with alignment. About this book. Making an eagerly anticipated return visit the young Argentinean countertenor presents a recital which promises great displays of vocal artistry and charismatic stage presence with a programme focusing on music performed by the eighteenth century castrato Caffarelli. Durante, Concertos.

To Isis are all hearts open. To her thy inmost thoughts are known. Naught escapes my eye.

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For love of Rhadames thou art dying. He loves thee, thou awaitest him. A daughter of the Pharaohs is thy rival. O race accursed, abhorred and fatal to us! And I am in her power! In her power! If thou wishest, thou shalt conquer thy powerful rival; and country and throne and love, all shall be thine. Thou shalt see again our balmy forests, our verdant vales, our temples built of gold!

I shall see again our balmy forests, our verdant vales, our temples built of gold! Repulsing her. Go, misbegotten, thou art not my daughter. Not love thee!

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By the path that we have chosen to fall upon the Ethiopians. It will be deserted until morning. Springs forward. In great surprise. Thou, the King! What sayest thou? I dream, I rave in madness! Enter Amneris from the temple, then Ramphis, priests, guards, as above. Rushing toward Amneris with a dagger. Dragging Aida away. To the guards. To Ramphis. Yet traitor he is none. Though he disclosed a weighty secret of war—he meant to fly—to fly with her.

Traitors are they all! To death! Oh, what have I said? I love him, I love him still. Yes, desperate, mad is this love that is eating out my heart.

Oh, if he could only love me! Fain would I save him! But how?

The Legacy of the Italian Resistance

Guards, Rhadames bring hither. Let hate and scorn fly from us and let love alone reign here. Let us savour the balm for every wound which gives new life to the heart. Let us cast dull care from our hearts; give life to pleasure and death to sorrow. ALL: Let us cast dull care from our hearts; give life to pleasure and death to sorrow. I precedenti. Un Sicario si affaccia ad un uscio laterale.