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When he returned to the bar a few minutes later,the publican asked him to explain his strange conduct. Drink the piss. Knock off the birds. And listen to the bullshit. France Combien faut il de belges pour changer l'ampoule dansune caravane?

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Couchsurfing with Maria (German Edition) - Kindle edition by Andre Pawel. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Get in touch with Maria Lenicka and 14 million other members when you join 21 References 11 Confirmed & Positive; Fluent in Czech, English, German, Slovak, Samotari, Amelie, Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind, Lost in translation.

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Couchsurfing jokes - part 1. The first one goes "oh jesus, ham sandwhich again? I swear if my wife packs this one more time ill killmyself"The second one opens his lunch and goes "Oh jesus, rice and beans??! I swear I swear..

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At the counter, the man saidto the waitress; "My wife and I can't seem to be ableto figure out how to pronounce this place. Will you tell me where we are and say it very slowly so that Ican understand? She says: "I drink only Czech rum. Czech rum is the worker's rum. At least it's something.

After nine shots of rum, Martina switches to pina coladas. I note in myself a certain amazement, and even a degree of awe. An ethical dilemma presents itself. Martina is giving us a place to spend the night, shouldn't we try to save her from dissolution? If only in our own best interests? Who's going to carry her home? At a restaurant called Chez Marcel, a friend joins us. She has a child from an earlier relationship, and now lives with a man with a moustache who is twenty years her senior. She says: "I'm not in my Asian phase, I'm in my conservative phase.

My husband is my hero. Her conservative phase takes on a new guise with every glass of wine. She murmurs: "I love you all unconditionally. At least.

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Martina, as it turns out, is a couchsurfer as well. In her own home. In her own life. Couchsurfing to the death. Call it practical idealism. The friend walks back with us to Martina's house. Her child and her husband with the moustache are off traveling. She will become our fourth couchsurfer of the evening. Maria is a speech therapist and Wili, whose real name is Wilhelm, is a general practitioner. They have offered to pick us up from the station at Stainach-Irdning in the Austrian Steiermark. Wili looks a bit like an aging ski instructor. In the hallway of their villa in Stainach, they hand us both a pair of slippers.

Five minutes later we're drinking Kir Royale. My profile on the site described me, and for good reason, as: "Clean, safe and polite. So I made my own profile on couchsurfing. That way I could see where he was, because he posted comments all over the place. After a while I thought: why don't we start taking in couchsurfers too? Our Simon thinks it's weird, but of course he doesn't say we can't do it. And we've had such lovely couchsurfers. An American who was traveling around the world, two Hungarians with a cello. The only thing I can't stand are people who smoke.

I don't like odors. Just four simple words: he had no odors. We sit down at the table.